Monday, January 11, 2010

Jessica beil. Like it.

Jessica beil. Fresh pics...
jessica beiljessica beiljessica beiljessica beiljessica beil
Looks vs Personality 4 boys .. asked first lookin for more opinions? Looking for your opinion on these 2 characters .. boys who would rather date u, w girls N / E info u could have a) Face Ann Hathaway;; Body56, 110 lbs, wearing expensive clothes only skater (ie FOX, Roxy), French Manicure;; personality loves-to - talk (u can listen to her for 2 hours, all UD be able to say eh ah) is nice n sweet to everyone for their face, oblivious to the obvious. Everything must be like that is not dirty or you b * tch n stop crying. It is unsure of herself. B) Face Jessica Beil;; body £ 56 190, wears jeans lee Tees n (w / sayins funny or characters on them) or any cute tops from Kohls thats not too expensive, short nails, loves to talk w / people, sweet , will speak his mind, the mind does gettin dirty, like Bein out w / the boys rather than sittin at home, loves nw Bein party / persons. Comfortable w / n you are losing weight. Nor are butch, and No women take care of themselves
Watch her N U D E video here!

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